Hi, I'm Polly Watson


I'm a board certified Gynecologist with 20 years of experience and a focus on menopausal medicine and sexual health. I'm also a wife and working mom who has recovered from her own journey with sexual pain. My goal with this class is to provide resources for women and to elevate the conversation on women's sexual health.

Note for New Patients!

At Hormone Wellness MD we aim to restore the doctor patient relationship. We understand that health isn’t achieved with a stack of prescriptions, but with healthy communities, movement, nutrition and self care. We want to hear your story and partner with you to nurture vitality and create wellness in your life.

In lieu of a New Patient Consultation (also referred to on our website as a Discovery Call), we are currently allowing new patients to watch this video series as an introduction. Once all the videos have been watched, new patients will have the opportunity to schedule a initial appointment with Dr. Polly Watson.

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